About the Photoshoot

What To Expect

On the day of the shoot, we will have a brief chat to discuss your visions and what you wish to accomplish out of the photoshoot. We are also happy to discuss this before the shoot via a phone call or even an online Zoom meeting. We usually advise aiming your arrival at the location at least 15 mins before the start of your photoshoot. It's best that you come prepared and ready to shoot in the outfit of your choice. 

Next, we will take multiple photos, adjusting lighting and backdrops as needed to achieve a variety of looks. You will be able to view some of the photos taken during the shot if you wish. After the photoshoot is complete, we shall contact you usually within 24-48 hours after the shoot. We will send you all digital images via email, which you can download to your computer device. Once you have looked through and selected your chosen images for re-touching, you can let us know by email and we will get started on your edits. 


Preparation Tips

Think about your audition or your gig, you will be prepared for it thinking of all possible details that you might need.  Well, you have to be well prepared to get this right, on your photoshoot as well. You want to have the best result because your pictures will speak for you!

Take it seriously and enjoy your photoshoot. Remember, that you are an artist,  you love what you do, and have the right pictures representing you is extremely important! The Photoshoot is e Teamwork between you and the photographer.

Drink plenty of water, ( 2 to 3L  PD) at least three days before your photoshoot, eat healthy food, have a good sleep the night before, take care of your skin with a nice faces scrub and musk!

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You don't know what to wear? Keep it simple and choose a plain colour. 

  • Rich deep colours like green, blue, navy, maroon, mustard and burnt orange work nicely.

  • Very strong colours like bold red or bright orange and yellow often overpower the subject.

  • Pale blue, pinks and pastels often make things look more youthful.

  • Earthy, grey and neutral tones are a good safe bet.

  • Black are always useful but don’t bring everything in Black.


Also, try to choose the colours that work best for you! How?
Well, have a look at your wrist, if your vein looks more greenish-blue, warm colours will suit you better, if your veins look more blue or purple, then cool colours are your best choice

Remember that simplicity often wins, layers are great, especially if you have booked an outdoor photoshoot, and there is nowhere to change! Variety is essential, try to think of the tops also determining the characters you can play.

Make-Up & Hair

Light natural make-up, think of the same amount of make-up on as you would wear to an audition. 

Most people like to start very neutrally, just covering up blemishes and a little around the eyes and some neutral colour or gloss on the lips. If you have booked a 2 or 3-hour photoshoot, you might want to add some make-up as you go through the session.

Really important, DO NOT get your hair cut or coloured just before the shoot. It may not turn out just as you planned, give yourself a few days to make sure there’s no disaster.

Take with you your hairbrush or comb!

If you have long hair, take a hairband so we can have some more variation during the photoshoot.

For Ladies If you’ve booked the 3 hr Headshot Portfolio, I’m happy for people to curl or straighten their hair for a different look within that time frame. 

For Gentlemen, if you’ve booked the 3 hr Headshot Portfolio, I’m happy for people to shave their bird or a different look within that time frame.

Motivation and Mental Preparation

We will work together during our session to get the best result from you. If you feel you would like to meet up before for a coffee or have a chat over the phone, more than welcome. It is nice to be able to establish a first connection before the photoshoot, It will help you to relax. You will have some natural headshots where can shows your everyday self. Also, try to think are you the comedy pal, the romantic lead, the urban chav, period aristocrat, business professional? Research what you can play and if you have an agent ask them. We will work to get those characters through your eyes. When you think of each character your intentions and your features look different.



Think of what you will wear if you have to perform in front of an audience.
Take with you a good variety of change. Black Colour works well! Any outfit is more than welcome. Something simple for the first shots, to keep naturally focused on you, something more creative to gets shots that will probably work well for your social profile, your Spotify or IP cover.


Make-Up & Hair

Try to imaging the final result, check online to find some inspiration. Come with your hair styled ready for the photoshoot


Motivation and Mental Preparation

We will work together to get the best result for you! We can talk on the phone before the photoshoot if you prefer, it will help to create a connection that will help during the photo shoot. Before the day of the photoshoot, do some research take notes and try to imagine the style you want for your pictures. Come prepared. Know what you will use in your pictures and how many styles you will need.

Please try to have a good night sleep before the photoshoot, avoid getting drunk or do not sleep the night before. Take it seriously because those portraits will represent you as an Artist.


* Skin sweating/heat from photo lights - bring a face wipe (Actors too)

* Hair Clips/hairband, Combs/Brush

* Accessories such as Hats, Sunglasses, etc for a variety of shots.

* Give yourself enough time to arrive early - Avoid being stressed so you can relax as it will show in your shoot

* Meditate or take time to calm the mind