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11 Things You Never Knew About Headshot Photography...

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This post is a complete headshot checklist. The best part? Everything on this list works wonders in achieving great headshot.

Skin with impurity and tired face make a bad headshot
Example Of A Bad headshot

How many times have we booked our headshot photoshoot with a photographer, had the pictures shot and arrived back home to see the aged and sick version of ourselves printed in front of you?

How many times have we wished to change the day of the shoot because we didn't feel great or look our best? It happened to a lot of us at least ones.


Well, it could be because we may not have thought that some simple rules to follow the day before the photo shoot that will make all the difference. Probably we didn't take it as seriously as we should and thought that the photographer would do his magic with photoshop editing to bring us back to life.

I will tell you some simple tips that I have used in past that will help you to be at you best for your photoshoot.

Let's start.

  • Choose the right headshot photographer for you. Do not think cheap, do not choose someone you don't like just to safe money, and DO NOT using a phone selfie as your profile picture if you are hoping to use your photo to get a new job. Consider to save money and invest in a professional photographer because it is your presentation, your invitation card to your new job role, casting director and audition.

  • Take care of your skin.

  • Drink at least 2L of water the day before. And more on the day.

Body hydration is important because it helps to moisturise your skin from the inside, cleanse your body of toxins and will help you to avoid any bloating of the face, as water retention might cause puffed eyes and bloated face. Daily hydration will make your skin glow.

  • Eat light, healthy food.

Good digestion is synonymous of good sleep, will help your skin to look better and avoid any ugly spots appearing your face.

  • Do 30 mins breathing exercises or meditation when you wake up on the day of your photoshoot. This will help to relax your mind and reduce any tension on your face muscles.

  • Go to sleep early. Good sleep improves your skin and your mood.

  • Don't drink alcohol . Alcohol brings toxins into your body making your skin look bad.

  • Before going to sleep, treat your skin: a nice bath or warm shower.

  • Before going to bed do a face scrub and moisturised after with olive oil. A good cleaning and moisturise minimises face pores and fines wrinkles

  • Take care of your hair to avoid to wake up with crazy hair in the morning. Remember, you do not want to have all your photoshoot looking like just escaped from a mental hospital. You want your hair to look great and be able to play with it and try different looks.


Use plain coloured clothes where possible


A simple tip: check your skin undertone:

How? Well, it is pretty simple, look at your veins, if they look more greenish go with warm colours if opposite your veins looks more bluish/purplish then go with cool colours.

Color chart

Think of some different styles to have some variety, for example, smart, street, casual, sport, etc...

Most importantly, wear something that makes you feel comfortable in.

  • Avoid jewellery.

  • If you have long hair, take a hairband with you.

  • Men, you may want to consider to grow your beard and shave it in between the photoshoot or ask the photographer to split the photoshoot in two different days. Be able to have both versions of you in your portfolio is something your agent might request.

Now that you are ready to go, take three deep breaths and enjoy your photoshoot. Have fun and remember you are a STAR!

If want to know something more about all these tips, check out these links:

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