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The Best Headshot Is A Portrait Tricks for The First Date

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

What it is that technically and artistically distinguish a headshot from a portrait?

Headshot vs portrait. PIC852 photography , headshots photography, portrait photography,
PIC852 Photography

Many times a lot of people asked me to explain the difference between headshots and portrait photography, because many time the two styles look very similar and, it is easy to get confused.

Well, I have decided to create this post to answer this question and help you to understand the difference between those styles.

First of all, you need to know that headshots are a particular type of portrait.

Second of all, the best way to understand the differences is going trough some essential aspects that will help you to distinguish headshots from the portrait.

Be aware of the difference might be important because it might help you to choose which style you need for your portfolio or business profile.


“A picture frame.”

Headshots Sample. PIC852 Photography, headshot photography
PIC852 Photography

One thing you will notice straight away is that in the headshots the subject is always facing, looking at the camera. The framed is very tight to the face and cropped up to the subject shoulders.

In a portrait, the subject not always faces the camera, not only, but it might involve different background compositions, or the person might hold objects in the picture or doing some activity.


“Bright and natural vs dramatic or colour effect .”

Portrait. Colour gel. Artist portrait sample,PIC852 Photography
PIC852 Photography

One of the elements that pop up visually is the light distribution.

Headshots will have this overall bright light, with minimal contrast and shadow, and a bright light on the eyes area.

Portraits show several creative ways to use the lights. You might notice high contrast in the picture, or you might even see half of the face in shadow. Many creative portraits involve gel colours applied to the lights. You might find this type of photo on artists music cover, Spotify artist profile or in a magazine.


"The mood? What does it mean? "

How mood it is related to headshots and portrait.

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Well, it is about what the photographer will capture through the camera. Portrait and headshots have two different purposes.

On the headshots, the photographer will focus on making the subject looks as natural as possible and trying to capture his essence.

A portrait, on the other hand, is more about telling a story through the person in the picture. The way the subject is posing and lighting technique is complementary to the purpose of the picture #bestphotographerlondon.

Business: Portraits or Headshots

Probably now you are asking yourself which style will work e better for you. Well, most commonly headshots are used by actors and corporate for their business profiles because they need a picture that can represent them as they are. More recently, people use headshots for their social media profile. If you are a writer, a musician or you need a picture for an interview, a cover for your song or your book, or you need a picture to exhibit on the wall of your office or home, you will choose a portrait.


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