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The experience grown in the creative environment was crucial for both of us because gave us the ability to understand some of the shades of the fascinating world of photography.
We put together a stunning light technique and a creative point of view to get the best result for our clients.
What is important for us is to enhance our client's ideas and requests for their photoshoot.
We will tell you before the photoshoot any info you might want to know, you can also check for some tips on our BLOG PAGE.
We are open to schedule a zoom or person to person meeting before the photoshoot if requested in respect of the COVID-19 rules. 
It is important to create a connection and discuss any ideas before the day of the photoshoot, to get the best result on the day of the photoshoot.
We have a fully equipped studio with lights and backdrops.

Angelica Novak

Actors Headshot and Portrait Photographer

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"I have been working as a professional actress for over a decade, I had the privilege to work with my three mentors, Anton Corbijn, director and photographer, Franz Pagot, DOP and director and Gianmarco Chieregato, photographer.
I was fascinated by their relationship with the light, and I loved hearing them talk about it. The way all of them master the light in their way is stunning.
I will always bring with me what I have learned from them as a treasure.
It is my opinion that a good headshot is a must for an actor.  
I remember hearing over and over again casting directors complaining about the big difference between the fresh and bones actor and their headshots.
But what exactly makes a photo a good headshot? 
Well, I would say, first it is about being yourself naked in front of the camera, how you honestly are, in the complexity of your persona with all those "defects", the makes you unique.
Second of all is choosing the right photographer for you.
Someone with more experience will already know for which type of character is usually called for an audition, someone else with less experience don't, but in both cases, it is important that the actor feels comfortable and relaxed on his/her photoshoot and trust the photographer's talent.  
A good photographer knows hows to position the lights in a correct way to get the result wanted and is his job to click the button in the right moment to capture the multiple shades of a soul.
Some actors will be one dominant character, some other multiple characters.
All those shades pop up naturally through their eyes.
That's why trust and being relaxed is important because it will avoid any muscular tension on the face and open up the eyes area

James Mensah

Music Artists Portraits Photographer 

"Photography has always been an important part of my life. Being able to capture a specific moment through the lens, choosing particular angles, lighting and depth to personalised it is something that shall never grow old to me.

I first discovered my love for photography taking pictures with my old mobile phone, a Motorola D600. I used to photograph almost anything that captured my attention, (especially nature).  

Several years later, I bought my first DLSR camera (a Nikon D3400)which has opened a whole new world and perspective on the art of photography. I start learning about aperture, shutter speed and ISO controls which give me a more artistic approach to my photos, and my passion grew with it.


I’ve been going through different styles of photography from landscape to portrait with a  high interest also in shooting macro photography.


A few years later, I upgraded my camera to a Nikon D750 and started working as a professional photographer first with clothing brands, then creative portraits for music artists and recently product photography. 

It is fascinating how all those different styles can feed my creativity in such different ways.

I have decided to focus on a particular niche of portraits that brings me often to work with artists. As a Music Producer, I always loved work with artists and photograph them, today gives me the chance to make my creativity flow from a different point of view.  I use a variety of different backgrounds, colour gel, artistically use lighting to create depth to a subject, to produce images which would create a strong visual interest for my clients.”

James_Mensah Clothing and Product photographer